Environmental Facts


”Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

  • Lean green production

  • Sustainability

  • Social Benefit

  • Decarbonization project

  • Cipriani Profilati SB S.r.l

Lean green production

New buildings with high standard of insulation

15.000 m² PV panels

3 Megawatts produced

If needed we use hydroelectric power from grid

– Enviromentally aware production
– No stock, we produce just in time
– Four inhouse slitters
– High use of material thanks to efficient slitter control
– Machines and software made inhouse, continues machine developments and energy savings
– Very low rate of waste

– Use of recycled steel
– For T-grid 100% recycled steel (patented)
– Special transport from steel mill with 100 tons trucks to minimise transports
– Purchase most from nearby mills
– All waste are going back to the stell mill
– Minimised packaging
– Aiming for full truck deliveries
– 80% of the trucks to Scandinavia are using train transport

Package disposal through Interseroh and ARA

Member of Green Building Council Italia

Environmental Product Declaration

Local certificates and test through out the world

High level of digitalization

EDI Electronic Data Interchange

MES Manufacturing Execution System

All to minimize misstakes and have a highly efficient use of material


Cipriani started its process to become carbon neutral in 2025

Step 1: General analysis Ongoing
Step 2: Internal footprint
Step 3: External footprint
Step 4: Data analysis and counter measures

Launch in 2025