CLP Profiles for Primary Structures


CIPRIANI CLP profiles for primary structures can be used for suspended ceilings installation for both standard and concealed systems.
In case of an in sight structure the French Standards DTU 58/1 contemplate a camber up to 1/300th of span between CLP profiles (As an example: with a span of 1000 mm the camber must be 3.33mm).
The maximum camber depends both on the span (meant as the distance between supports or point of supports), and on the borne load (made of the weight of the ceiling and of the support structure).
The load tables on the next page have been created to make design and installations decision quicker and more precise.
Please note that if CIPRIANI CLP profiles are used as primary support structure, a secondary structure connected by means of adjustable supports, the maximum allowed camber is 1/300th, regardless of the kind of false ceiling chosen.

For a correct assembly of the structure, please follow some easy directions for use:

» CLP main profiles must be connected by means of stiffening the profiles (CD5027 or CD5015) so as to form a rigid structure (see table below)
» CLP profiles longitudinal joints should not be assembled lined up at the same distance, but alternately. Bolts of the right size should be used in all available fixing holes
» Bolts should be assembled in squares for wall as well, including screw anchors in the walls
» CLP profiles longitudinal joints should be placed as close as possible to support points
» Longitudinal joints and squares for wall must always be assembled in
pairs and never individually.

The products will be: